Below are some of the photographs from the Political Science 100th Anniversary Celebration held on Saturday, September 28, 2013!  Photos are courtesy of GW Photography, and all photographs can be viewed on the GW Flickr account.  

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Faculty Debate Health Care Policy

Bob Stoker and Robert Betz are shown participating in a health care policy debate, which was hosted by the Student Association and co-sponsored by College Republicans and College Democrats. The debate, which also involved questions from students, was held to demonstrate a spirited, civil exchange of ideas.

Stephen Kaplan receives a Smith Richardson Foundation grant

Stephen Kaplan received an external grant from the Smith Richardson Foundation for the 2014-15 academic year to support his research project entitled, Neoliberalism in Retreat: The China Boom in Latin America. The project seeks to evaluate the effect of growing Chinese economic interdependence on national-level policy choices across Latin America.

Speaker Series: Ian Hurd

Speaker Series: Ian Hurd (Northwestern University)