Colm Fox

Colm Fox

DHH 202

Areas of Expertise

Democracy, Electoral Campaigns, Voting Behavior, Identity, Conflict, and Southeast Asian Politics.


Major — Comparative Politics

Minor — International Relations

Curriculum Vitae

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B.A. in Communications, Dublin City University, Ireland
Masters in Pacific & International Affairs, UCSD


Dissertation Title: Appealing to the Masses: Institutions, Identity, and Electoral Competition in Southeast Asia
Committee: Henry Hale (chair), Susan Sell, Nathan Brown, William Liddle (The Ohio State University)

My dissertation investigates how, and why, electoral candidates in emerging democracies mobilize ethnic groups (indigenous, linguistic, religious, etc.). For quantitative data on campaign appeals, I gathered and preformed a content analysis on 15,000 campaign posters and thousands of local newspaper articles from recent elections in Indonesia. During two years of field research I also did over 100 interviews, attended campaign events, and gathered data on candidates and electoral districts. Findings from my research show that the politicization of identity groups has been dramatically affected by Indonesia’s transition to democracy, the choice of electoral rules, and the social structure of electoral districts. For more on my dissertation research visit my website.

Office Hours

M 9:30-11:00; W 12:30-2:00