Dan Nechita

Dan Nechita

Davis-Hodgkins House, Room 202

Areas of Expertise

International Security, Nuclear Weapons, U.S. Foreign Policy, Game Theory


Major — International Relations

I am a first year PhD student in the Political Science department. I am majoring in International Relations, with a minor in Research Methods or Comparative Politics. As an undergraduate at Columbia University, under the guidance of Profs. Robert Jervis and Kenneth Waltz, I wrote an honors thesis discussing military counter-proliferation and the choices states are faced with when deciding to pursue (or discontinue) nuclear weapons programs. The research I conducted for this paper serves as the basis of my current interest in international security, nuclear proliferation, nuclear disarmament, game theory, and uncertainty. Before coming to GW, I have worked for two years as a research assistant in the Arnold A. Saltzman Institute of War and Peace, and, previously, I have spent time as an intern at the Brookings Institution, the World Security Institute/Global Zero, and ABC News.


B.A., Columbia University in the City of New York

Office Hours

Monday/Wednesday, 9:30am-11:00am