David An

David An

2201 C St. 3811


Major — International Relations

Minor — Research Methodology

David researches and writes on current political, military and economic issues related to East Asia. He currently works full time in international affairs for the U.S. government, while completing his Ph.D. Recently, he attended the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Washington in July and the Defense Policy Coordination Talks in Beijing in February 2009. In 2005, he spent a year in China and Taiwan researching democratization, electoral politics in Taiwan and village elections in China. He has previously taught at Peking University and was a graduate teaching assistant at UC San Diego in philosophy, psychology and the sciences. David is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and knows basic Spanish. 

Current Research

Chinese foreign policy; East Asia security; Political-economy in East Asia; socialization.


M.A. at UC, San Diego

B.A. from UC Berkeley

International affairs certificate from Peking University


2008, “Media Control and the Erosion of an Accountable Party-State in China,” China Brief 8(19).

Office Hours

By appointment.