Dillon Tatum

Dillon Tatum

Davis-Hodgkins House. Room 203


Major — International Relations

Minor — Political Theory

I have very diverse research interests, related to international security studies, particularly from the angle of questions regarding identity, culture, and ethics. The guiding meta-question I am most interested in is both theoretical and methodological: How might international relations scholars integrate, or at least work through some of the questions of, political and social philosophy in their research? This includes analytical, normative, and conceptual issues. More substantively, I have experience in Middle East politics and history, and hope to continue utilizing that background in my research. My M.A. capstone project at GW was on the politics of political-economic reform in Jordan. Additionally, I have been a research assistant at the Institute for Middle East Studies here at GW, working on issues related to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, international organizations, constitutionalism, and Islamic politics. I am fluent in Arabic, and can read French and Latin.

Current Research

International relations theory; modern and contemporary political/social thought; security studies; sociological approaches to international relations; US foreign policy in the Global South; Middle East politics/history; qualitative and interpretive methods.


  • University of Arizona: B.A. in Near Eastern Studies, 2008
  • The George Washington University: M.A. in Middle East Studies, 2010

Office Hours

 Wednesday/Thursday, 1:00-2:30pm