Faculty News

Our faculty members are active in many areas of the discipline, including publishing in various academic journals, conducting research, and hosting academic blogs. For more information about our faculty's activities please visit:

Recently, we welcomed Stephen Biddle (Council on Foreign Relations; Harvard University, Ph.D.), Celeste Arrington (University of California, Ph.D.), Evgeny Finkel (University of Wisconsin, Ph.D.), Danny Hayes (University of Texas, Ph.D.), Rachel Stein (Stanford University, Ph.D.), and Yon Lupu (University of California-San Diego, Ph.D.) to the faculty.

Some of our junior faculty, (from left to right) Eric Grynaviski, Danny Hayes, Yon Lupu, Celeste Arrington, Evgeny Finkel, Robert Adcock, Harris Mylonas, and Rachel Stein after their retreat in August 2012.

Faculty Blogs

Our faculty participate actively in blogs that seek to provide informed commentary on political events and issues.

The Monkey Cage

» Henry Farrell
» John Sides

Crooked Timber

» Henry Farrell

Abu Aardvark's Middle East Blog

» Marc Lynch