GW Political Science Speaker Series

All events will take place in the Sigelman Seminar Room, Hall of Government Room 428.

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Date   Time   Host   Speaker   Title  
09/17/13 Tuesday 3:00-4:30pm


Stephen Nelson (Northwestern University) and Peter Katzenstein (Cornell University) "Uncertainty, Risk, and the Financial Crisis of 2008"
10/25/2013 Friday 12:15-1:45pm   Michael Desch (Notre Dame) "The Cult of the Irrelevant: The Professionalization of Political Science and the Marginalization of National Security Studies"
11/22/13 Friday 12:00-2:00pm Finkel Roger Petersen (MIT) TBA
01/31/14 Friday 12:00-2:00pm Grynaviski Ian Hurd (Northwestern University) TBA
02/28/14 Friday 12:00-2:00pm Creppell Arash Abizadeh (McGill) TBA
03/20/14 Thursday 12:15-1:45pm   Ben Valentino (Dartmouth) TBA
05/09/14 Friday 12:15-1:45pm Kaplan Maria Victoria Murillo (Columbia University) TBA

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