Julia Macdonald

Julia Macdonald

Address: Elliott School of International Affairs


Major — International Relations

Minor — Comparative Politics

Julia Macdonald is a fifth year doctoral candidate in political science at the George Washington University and a Ph.D. candidate‑in‑residence at the Institute for Security and Conflict Studies in the Elliott School of International Affairs. Julia’s dissertation research focuses on signaling and threat credibility during international crises and investigates the importance of varying domestic political environments in shaping assessments of threat. Additional research interests include gender and peacekeeping, military strategy and effectiveness, and U.S. foreign policy decision making. Her work has been published in recent editions of Foreign Policy Analysis, The Journal of Strategic Studies, and Armed Forces and Society. Julia holds an M.A. (Hons) in International Relations from the University of Chicago and she worked for the New Zealand Ministry of Defense as a policy analyst for several years prior to joining the doctoral program at GWU. Julia will be a Stanton Nuclear Security Pre-doctoral Fellow at MIT for the 2014-15 academic year.


M.A. University of Chicago, International Relations