Research Programs

China Policy Program

The China Policy Program was created in 1998 as a constituent "program" under the Elliott School, but affiliated with the Sigur Center for Asian Studies. It is directed by Professor David Shambaugh, Professor of Political Science & International Affairs and a leading international authority on contemporary China and Asian affairs. The China Policy Program was created to build upon the Elliott School's longstanding expertise and involvement in U.S.-China relations and contemporary Chinese affairs and to serve primarily as an outreach program to the policy community in Washington, officials and China specialists around the world, the media, and the public.

Comparative Politics Workshop

The Comparative Politics Workshop is a forum for the presentation of ongoing work by GW faculty and others in a constructive and critical environment.
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Ethnic Politics Workshop

The Ethnic Politics Workshop aims to promote new approaches to the study of ethnic politics in the social sciences by periodically bringing together small interdisciplinary groups of social scientists to exchange ideas, brainstorm, provide constructive criticism of each other's works in progress, and promote joint projects that may result from the workshop.
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Taiwan Education and Research Program

The Taiwan Education and Research Program seeks to advance academic and policy-related education and research on the history, international relations, and the contemporary political, economic and social development of Taiwan.
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US-Japan Legislative Exchange Program

The US-Japan Legislative Exchange Program (LEP) is a public policy program directed by Prof. Henry R. Nau at the Sigur Center for Asian Studies, the Elliott School of International Affairs, the George Washington University. Begun in 1989, the LEP brings U.S. Congressional members and Japanese Diet members together on a semi-annual basis for in-depth and informal discussions of the broad range of political, economic and security issues affecting U.S.-Japan relations
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GW Cold War Group

The George Washington Cold War group (GWCW) works closely with the National Security Archive and the Cold War International History Project to build a community of faculty, scholars, and graduate students dedicated to encouraging a multilingual, multi-disciplinary, multi-national exploration of the Cold War experience and its implications for understanding current policy issues. 
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Summer Institute on Conducting Archival Research

Doctoral students from any discipline working on dissertations involving archival research (particularly in relatively newly accessible archives) participate in the annual Summer Institute on Conducting Archival Research (SICAR) at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. SICAR trains graduate students to get the most out of their time conducting research in archives and includes the following sessions such as: preparing to go to an archive and structuring time once there; understanding how archival documents come to be written and deposited in archives; tackling the challenges of interpreting archival documents, including issues of culture and foreign language; and searching for information not in the archives.
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