Student Resources

The following pages provide valuable information for Graduate students. Please take the time to assess your plan of study, information about comprehensive exams, and dissertation information.

Plan of Study

The PhD program in political science is designed to allow students to graduate in 4 years of full time work, however, this may differ for some students. In order to finish in a suitable amount of time, you should begin thinking about your overall program from the start.

Comprehensive Exams

PhD students are required to complete the comprehensive exams, offered three times a year. For more information please visit the comprehensive exams page.


By the time they finish exams, students should have some firm ideas about dissertation topics and move quickly toward defense of a prospectus. For more information please visit the prospectusdissertation, and funding pages.

Forms and Links

This page contains the required forms for dissertation, grades, plans of study, etc. It also contains advice and useful links.