American Politics

Faculty and students in American politics are making significant theoretical, empirical, and methodological contributions to the field. Their work routinely appears in the discipline's top journals and presses. And Washington, D.C. offers unrivaled research advantages as a variety of institutions and archives afford many opportunities for assembling unique data sets. We have particular strengths in national level institutions, political behavior, and public policy. Sarah Binder, Christopher Deering, Eric Lawrence, and Forrest Maltzman give us particular strength in legislative politics. Likewise, Brandon Bartels, Forrest Maltzman, and Paul Wahlbeck give us similar strength in the study of judicial process, constitutional law, and the courts. Brandon Bartels, John Sides, Danny Hayes, Corrine McConnaughy, and Ismail White focus on public opinion, electoral behavior, and national identity both in the United States and abroad. And, Steven Balla, Eric Lawrence, Kimberly Morgan, Robert Stoker, and Harold Wolman anchor our public policy group.