Amoz Hor 何进意

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Amoz Hor 何进意


Major- International Relations

Minor- Political Theory

Amoz's research concerns emotions and racialization in international politics. His dissertation investigates the racialized underpinnings of the democratic peace, with a focus on how international racial orders are enabled through seemingly race-neutral tropes such as "liberal values," "industry," and "rule of law." He also has several side projects that study how emotions can explain various outcomes in politics (including: racialization and identity formation; trade and welfare cuts; symbolic violence and humanitarianism). His article, "The Everyday Emotional Lives of Aid Workers" has been published in International Theory; and his paper, "The Affective Politics of Pop-Economics: How Racializing Japan Naturalized Protectionism and Welfare Cuts," was the 2021 recipient of the Fred Hartman Prize at ISA-NE.

Racialization, Emotions, IR Theory

Hor, Amoz JY (2021). The everyday emotional lives of aid workers: How humanitarian anxiety gets in the way of meaningful local participation. International Theory, 1-30. doi:10.1017/S1752971921000166

Hor, Amoz JY. (2019). “Emotions in-and-out of Equilibrium: Tracing the Everyday Defensiveness of Identity” in Parsing the Passions: Methodology and Emotion in International Relations by Van Rythoven, E. and Sucharov, M. (eds). New York: Routledge.  

Daly, P. & Hor, Amoz JY. (2014). “Similar Events Different Disasters: A Comparative Assessment of the Aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean and 2011 Japan Tsunamis.” Asian Journal of Environment and Disaster Management 5(1), pp43-63.

Hor, Amoz JY (2022). "NATO was founded to protect ‘civilized’ people. That means White.The Washington Post

M.Soc.Sci. in Political Science at the National University of Singapore

B.Soc.Sci. (Hons) in Political Science and Economics at the National University of Singapore