Amoz Hor 何进意

Amoz Hor 何进意

[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

Social Theory in IR, Emotions, Humanitarianism

Major- International Relations

Minor- Political Theory

My theoretical research concerns emotions in IR. Specifically, I investigate the emotional origins of how common-sensical ideas are learnt and unlearnt in world politics. I do this by focusing on how emotions mediate everyday practices of humanitarianism. Based on fieldwork in Singapore, Jakarta and Aceh (Indonesia), my masters thesis investigated how the everyday emotional lives of aid workers shaped the way subaltern voices were heard and understood, and hence how aid beneficiaries were allowed to (not) participate in their own development or relief. I am keen to expand this by exploring the emotional origins of social, bureaucratic and sacred dimensions of global orders. I am also interested in how the inattentiveness to philosophy of science misleads research in emotions and IR. Prior to coming to GW, I was a Tan Cheng Lock Scholar and research associate at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies - Yusof Ishak Institute, where I also was the associate editor of the Journal of Southeast Asian Economies.


M.Soc.Sci. in Political Science at the National University of Singapore

B.Soc.Sci. (Hons) in Political Science and Economics at the National University of Singapore