Centers & Institutes

Center for International Science and Technology Policy

CISTP is a locus for research and the exchange of information and ideas. In addition to overseeing the M.A. program in international science and technology policy, the center organizes seminars and meetings, sponsors research, and hosts visitors from elsewhere in the United States and abroad.

Center for Washington Area Studies

The Center for Washington Area Studies (CWAS) is a multi-disciplinary university-wide research center whose purpose is to encourage, promote and engage in research related to Washington, D.C.

George Washington Institute of Public Policy

The George Washington Institute of Public Policy (GWIPP) serves as a university-wide center for faculty and graduate students engaging in research on important public policy issues. GWIPP is a stand-alone unit reporting directly to the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs through the Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies. The Center for Washington Area Studies (CWAS) and the State and Local Fiscal Policy Research Program (SLFP) are housed within GWIPP.

Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies

IERES members conduct their own research projects; participate in scholarly conferences, seminars, and colloquia; and present public lectures. Many are called upon to advise the U.S. Government and to provide expert commentary to the media. Institute faculty members also administer and teach in the Elliott School's M.A. program in European and Eurasian Studies.

Institute for Global and International Studies

IGIS's mission is to foster intellectual exchange on international and global studies, including international organizations and law, trade regimes, international development, international security, U.S. foreign policy, and global governance, as well as the links connecting the above fields. The institute particularly supports research that "brings practice to theory" by focusing on challenges that real world problems pose to disciplinary debates, which spurs theoretical innovation.

Institute for International Economic Policy

IIEP supports high-quality academic and policy research that addresses critical issues surrounding the emerging global economy. Faculty members and research scholars focus on economic, political, legal, and historical analysis on international trade, international finance, and development. IIEP serves as the institutional home of the Elliott School's International Trade and Investment Policy M.A. program.

Institute for Middle East Studies

IMES is a research organization housed in the Elliott School to support the work of faculty and students focusing on the modern Middle East - including the Arab world, Turkey, Israel, and Iran. IMES supports GW's educational programs that focus on the modern Middle East, including the Elliott School's undergraduate and graduate programs in Middle East Studies.

Institute for Security and Conflict Studies

ISCS seeks to advance scholarly research and graduate education, to improve public understanding of key international security issues, and to inform the development of national security policy.

Sigur Center for Asian Studies

The mission of the Sigur Center for Asian Studies is to increase the quality and broaden the scope of scholarly research and publication on Asian affairs; promote scholarly interaction between the U.S. and Asia; provide a major center for policy discussion and outreach; and prepare a new generation of students, scholars, analysts, and policymakers to take advantage of the rapidly expanding role of Asia in world affairs. The Sigur Center is home to the Elliott School's undergraduate and graduate programs in Asian Studies.