Daniel Epstein


Major — American Politics

Minor — Methods


Daniel Epstein is a Ph.D. student studying American Politics and quantitative methodology.  He is interested in how congressional control of the bureaucracy is influenced by discretionary bureaucratic enforcement. 


B.A. Kenyon College
J.D. Emory University


The Law: White House Equities: The New Executive Privilege, 45 PRES. STUD. QTLY (2015) (with Mark Rozell, Ph.D).
Rationality, Legitimacy, & The Law, 7 WASH. U. JURISPRUDENCE REV. (2014).

Despite Pledge of Transparency, Obama Is Clogging Information Flow, NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL (April 14, 2014) (with Mark Rozell, Ph.D).

Redressing Politicized Spending, 15 ENGAGE No. 1 (Mar. 25, 2014).

The Reductio Ad Absurdum of Regulating Corruption, JURIST, (2013).

Gmail.gov: When Politics Gets Personal Does the Public Have a Right to Know?, ENGAGE (2012) (with Michael D. Pepson, J.D., LLM).