Department’s American Politics Program Recognized

George Washington University’s political science department added to the accolades it has received in recent years with the 2013 U.S. News and World Report assessment of graduate programs. The American Politics subfield ranked 16th in the nation, and the Department overall moved up three spots to 36th.

The American Politics field includes experts in national institutions and political behavior. The faculty are leaders in their subfields. Their research attracts grants, including many grants from the National Science Foundation and Fulbright awards. They published dozens of articles in the leading disciplinary journals, and leading academic presses released their books. GW faculty served as chairs of their respective sections of the American Political Science Association, organized conference programs for their subfields, and worked as editors and associate editors of journals. The rankings acknowledge that George Washington University is one of the leaders in studying American politics.

The Department overall moved up three spots since the 2009 rankings in U.S. News, coming in at 36th. This continues the steady stream of recognition received by the Department. The Department’s international affairs doctoral program ranked 15th in the most recent TRIP survey of international affairs faculty at colleges and universities. The National Research Council ranked the Department 24th based on factors like publications, grants, and graduate training.

The U.S. News rankings in political science are based on surveys sent to department chairs and directors of graduate studies at 119 universities. Respondents were asked to assess programs on a five-point scale from outstanding (5) to marginal (1). A department’s score was calculated by averaging the scores given to each school in the 2012 and the 2008 surveys (after dropping the top two and lowest two responses). The specialty rankings were derived from nominations of outstanding programs. Department chairs and directors of graduate studies were asked to name up to ten outstanding programs in each specialty.

The University’s investment in the Department’s faculty and graduate program produced growing scholarly excellence and recognition by our peers.

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