Dual Degree - Political Science & Legislative Affairs

The George Washington University's Department of Political Science and The Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) offer a dual degree B.A./M.P.S. program designed for high-quality Political Science undergraduate students who are interested in careers in the field of Legislative Affairs. This dual degree program, by allowing the counting of credits for three courses towards both programs, permit both degrees to be granted in a shorter time and at lower cost than if both programs were pursued separately. This option is only available to George Washington University students.

The Department of Political Science and GSPM share a common commitment to nurturing students who are interested in pursuing professional careers in politics. GSPM graduate-level courses offer a clear and logical extension of many Political Science undergraduate courses.

Application to the dual degree program may be made by a declared Political Science major in the semester that he/she completes 60 credit hours at the George Washington University. The 60 credit hours do not include any transfer credits. A Political Science major may apply later than the end of sophomore year, however, by doing so may limit the ability to fully enjoy the benefits of this program.

Admission to the dual degree program allows the student to substitute three Legislative Affairs courses for the requirements of the undergraduate Political Science Major.  These courses will count toward three of the four upper level elective courses in Political Science required for the major and may be taken during the second semester of junior year and during senior year. The student must take the GRE and apply to the M.P.S. program in the last semester of undergraduate coursework. The student will graduate from the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences with a B.A. in Political Science, then continue to pursue a M.P.S. in Legislative Affairs at the Graduate School of Political Management.

The three Legislative Affairs courses must be chosen from the core curriculum requirements for the M.P.S. in Legislative Affairs:

  • LGAF 6201 Politics and Public Policy
  • LGAF 6202 Legislative Politics
  • LGAF 6203 Executive Legislative Relations
  • LGAF 6204 Research Methods


1.  60 credit hours of undergraduate coursework at the George Washington University

2.  3.3 Grade Point Average earned and completed at the George Washington University

3.  Application Form

4.  Personal Statement

  • In an essay of roughly 250-500 words, please explain why you are interested in pursuing the 5 year option and why you should be considered for admission. Among the issues you should address are these:  What are the kinds of intellectual issues in political science that you find intriguing? Why are you interested in graduate studies in the field? What special skills and knowledge can you contribute to the graduate program?

5.  Three letters of recommendation (two must be from Political Science faculty)

  • Recommendation letters may be submitted through the online application to the M.P.S. program.

6.  Official application to GSPM, including GRE scores, submitted by the GSPM application deadline. 

  • Fall - June 15
  • Spring - November 15
  • Summer - April 15

All materials are to be submitted through the online application process. The admission decision at the undergraduate level does not require the applicant complete the M.P.S. at the Graduate School of Political Management upon graduation from the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences.

Request More Information:

We would be happy to discuss the dual-degree program in more detail. Please email Dr. Susan Wiley or Dr. Steve Billet for more information.