Graduate Student Awards 2015-2016

  • Samuel Frantz was awarded an American Institute for Indian Studies (AIIS) Junior Fellowship for his research in India next year.
  • Julia Macdonald received the award for the Best Student Paper “Leadership Beliefs and State Threat Assessments:  Saddam Hussein and the Iraq War 2003," which was presented on an Intelligence Studies Section-sponsored panel at the 2015 Annual Convention of the International Studies Association in New Orleans.
  • Julia Macdonald selected one of the 2015 Next Generation Security Leaders by the Center for a New American Security.
  • The recipient of the inaugural 2015 WID Graduate Teaching Award is Dorothy Smith Ohl, Department of Political Science in CCAS.
  • Kerry Crawford was awarded a James Rosenau post-doctoral fellowship by the International Studies Association.
  • Colm Fox, who earned his Ph.D. in 2014, was named co-winner of the "Best Fieldwork" award of the Comparative Politics section of the American Political Science Association (APSA).