Graduate Students publications:

Our graduate students are actively engaged in all professional aspects of the field, publishing in top journals and winning prestigious awards and grants that fund both pre-dissertation and dissertation research. See an archive of these publications by clicking the links below.



  • Colin Emrich was accepted for publication in The Journal of Legislative Studies, for his article titled “The Electoral Effects of Closing Military Bases.”
  • Amoz Hor was awarded the Fred Hartman Award of the Best Graduate Student Paper Presented at ISA-Northeast 2019 Conference. The paper is entitled: “The Affective Politics of Pop-Economics: How Racializing Japan Naturalized Protectionism and Welfare Cuts in the 1980s-90s.”
  • Lillian Frost, Ph.D. candidate, was awarded a Peace Scholar Dissertation Fellowship and stipend for her dissertation “Beyond Citizenship: Protracted Refugees and the State” from the U.S. Institute of Peace.
  • Jangai Jap, Ph.D. candidate, received a National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant.
  • Shahryar Pasandideh, Ph.D. candidate, authored “Under the radar, Iran’s cruise missile capabilities advance” for War on the Rocks