International Relations

The international relations faculty is well versed to examine the problems and possibilities of our age. Over fifteen faculty members focus specifically on international affairs and teach classes that amply cover the recognized fields in international relations: international institutions and law (Martha Finnemore, Michael Barnett, Henry Farrell, Yon Lupu), international political economy (Susan Sell, Henry Farrell, and Henry Nau), international security (James Lebovic, Charles Glaser. Alexander Downes, Stephen Biddle, Eric Grynaviski, Caitlin Talmadge), and foreign policy (Henry Nau, Elizabeth Saunders, and Rachel Stein).  
The IR faculty prides itself on theoretical and methodological eclecticism and problem oriented research. While the faculty's research represents a wide range of methodological approaches (including case studies, formal models, surveys, and quantitative analysis), it has a particular focus on the connections between international and domestic variables in the creation of regional security architectures (David Shambaugh, Mike Mochizuki, March Lynch), preemption and deterrence (Charles Glaser, James Lebovic, Stephen Biddle), internet politics (Henry Farrell), wars of choice (Elizabeth Saunders, Alexander Downes), identity politics (Henry Nau, Marc Lynch), human rights and humanitarian action (Michael Barnett, Yon Lupu) and the general workings of global governance (Martha Finnemore, Michael Barnett, Eric Grynaviski).