Lillian Frost

Lillian Frost

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Major — Comparative Politics

Minor — Quantitative Methods

Lillian Frost is a Ph.D. Candidate with primary research interests in forced migration, citizenship, and Middle East politics. Her dissertation project aims to explain variations in the sets of rights and forms of citizenship statuses host states offer to different protracted refugee groups over time, including shifts in formal laws as well as their informal enforcement. She examines these topics using process tracing from 1946–2017 to compare Jordan’s policies toward different protracted refugee groups. This research engages over 800 files collected from the U.S. and British National Archives as well as about 150 semi-structured interviews conducted in English, Modern Standard Arabic, and Levantine Arabic over 12 months of fieldwork in Jordan. Her research has received support from the Fulbright U.S. Student Program, Council of American Overseas Research Centers, and George Washington University Institute for Middle East Studies.


Current Research

Comparative citizenship, forced migration, nationalism, identity, gender, Middle East politics


M.A. Political Science, George Washington University, 2016
M.P.P. Public Policy, University of Virginia, 2012

B.A. Political & Social Thought and Foreign Affairs, University of Virginia, 2011