Ph.D. Placement History

Our department aspires to place our Ph.D. students at the top universities and colleges around the country and the world. Consistent with these aspirations, our Ph.D. students have been successful in competing for jobs in the academic job market. Some of our Ph.D.s decide to pursue influential positions in government and policy.
Our students have received tenure-track jobs at schools such as Johns Hopkins University (SAIS), James Madison University, University of California-Riverside, University of Oregon, University of Toronto, Indiana University, Seton Hall University, University of Missouri, University of Denver (Korbell School), Naval War College, Georgia Tech, University of Massachusetts-Boston, University of South Florida, Franklin and Marshall College, University of Alabama, North Central College, IUPUI, University of London, Eckerd College, Singapore Management University, U.S. Air War College, and the Air Force Academy. 
Our students have also been very successful at securing prestigious post-docs, including posts at Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Penn, Cornell, MIT, Oxford, Notre Dame, and Michigan. 

Still other students compete successfully for government, policy, and private sector jobs. Our students have secured jobs at the State Department, Department of Defense, Congressional Research Service, Global Governance Institute, IPSOS, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Center for American Progress, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and other organizations.
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Job Placements