Research & Writing

GW undergraduates are brought into political science through research and writing, as these skills are fundamental to our discipline’s theoretical and empirical work. Moreover, to be competitive in the workplace and graduate school, new graduates have to be strong researchers and writers. Realizing this, the Political Science Department is actively committed to strengthening these skills through our coursework generally, Writing in the Discipline (WID) courses specifically, and faculty and graduate student mentoring.

Our website provides information on GW institutional resources, tips for writing, citation management, and professional outlets for research and writing. Beyond this introductory information, we encourage students to reach out to the Department’s professors and graduate teaching assistants for advice on improving their writing during undergraduate studies, and transferring in-class research and writing into fellowship, internship, and job opportunities.

For an overview of research and writing in political science, see the University of North Carolina Writing Center’s guide on political science.