See-Won Byun

See-Won Byun

Davis-Hodgkins House 201
[email protected]

Major- Comparative Politics

Minor- International Relations

See-Won Byun is a Ph.D. candidate in political science at The George Washington University. Her dissertation research focuses on the foreign economic liberalization of China’s inland border regions.  She was previously a research associate at The Asia Foundation’s Center for U.S.-Korea Policy in Washington.

Current Research

China’s domestic politics and foreign relations, international relations of Asia


B.A. Economics, Brown University

M.A. International Affairs, The George Washington University

M.A. International Studies, Yonsei University



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“China-Korea Relations” (with Scott Snyder), in Comparative Connections, ed. Carl Baker and Brad Glosserman, Pacific Forum CSIS (quarterly/triannual contributions since 2009).