Study Abroad & Transfer Credits

Check out the Office of Study Abroad website for more information about programs.

There are limits on the number of credit hours a student may transfer to GW. See your home school advising office before enrolling in a class for transfer.

Transferring credits from a US college or university

To transfer a PSC class after entering GW complete a transfer credit approval form, available from your home school, and obtain Professor Wiley's signature on the form then take the form to your home school for the Dean's approval. When you have completed the approved course have an official transcript sent to GW Admissions for the course and credits to be posted to your transcript. You must earn a grade of "C" or better and only the credit hours transfer. The transfer class does not figure into your GW GPA. Always have a transfer course pre-approved before enrolling.

Study Abroad Course Approval

To transfer a PSC class taken through Study Abroad, complete a Study Abroad transfer credit approval form, available from the Study Abroad office, obtain Professor Wiley's approval for any PSC classes, and return the form to Study Abroad. The Study Abroad office will post credits (not grades) to transcripts after they receive an official transcript from the program you attended provided you earn a grade of "C" or better.

Where to go for PSC transfer approval

There is a drop off box outside Monroe 401 where approval forms and brief course descriptions or syllabi should be left. The forms are usually ready for pick up within three days from the pickup box outside Monroe 401. The Study Abroad Office and the Dean's office will only accept Professor Wiley's signature on transfer approval forms. Do not take the approval form to another faculty member for signature.

PSC 1099 or PSC 2099 Transfer Credit

If the PSC department offers a course similar to the course taken for transfer, the credits will transfer to the corresponding GW PSC course number. If GW does not offer the same PSC course, the course transfers as PSC 1099 or PSC 2099 which counts as upper level elective credit towards the major. ESIA students who receive PSC 1099 or PSC 2099 credit and need to have the credits count towards their program or concentration should see their advisor in ESIA.

Nothing ever transfers as PSC 3192W.

Pre-Approved Courses

The Study Abroad Office has a list of courses that have been pre-approved by the Political Science Department. Please check that list prior to submitting your study abroad transfer requests, as your courses may already be approved.