Brett Heiney

Davis-Hodgkins House
Address: 609 21st Street NW


Major — Political Science

Minor — Asian Studies

I joined the Ph.D. program at GW in the fall of 2008 and am studying comparative politics. Broadly, my main area of interest is Chinese domestic politics, and I am interested in studying the development, or lack there of, of the rule of law in China and what that means for Communist Party rule and the prospects for democratization. Along with my focus on Asian politics and history for my A.B., I also focused on American political thought culminating in a senior thesis titled "Lincoln's Legacy: America's Rhetorical Redefinition" which looked at how Lincoln's speech at Gettysburg served to permanently redefine the United States.


Current Research

Comparative Politics, Chinese Politics, Democratization, The Rule of Law


A.B. Rollins College

Office Hours

Tuesday 3:30-5:30pm; Wednesday 1:00-3:00pm