Chana Solomon-Schwartz

Chana Solomon-Schwartz

Gelman Library, Room 419
[email protected]

Major — International Relations

Minor — Comparative Politics

Chana Solomon-Schwartz is a doctoral candidate (ABD) at the George Washington University. Her dissertation addresses why states agree to ratify international human rights agreements, particularly with relatively weak commitments, and why and when their governments—in certain cases but not others—deepen those commitments over time. She has served as a teaching assistant for Introduction to International Politics, Introduction to Comparative Politics, Introduction to the Middle East, and Introduction to Security Politics. Prior to GW, Chana worked as a research assistant at the Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution. She has studied and lived in Jordan, Israel and Morocco. Born in Foggy Bottom, Chana is proud to be back in her ancestral homeland.  


Current Research

international institutions; gender and politics; foreign policy decision-making; the pedagogy of IR


  • M.A. in Political Science, George Washington University
  • B.A., Harvard University


Working paper:

“Teaching Cooperation (and Conflict) in the Undergraduate International Relations Classroom.”

Office Hours

By appointment