PhD in Political Science

Our doctoral program trains students to be outstanding researchers and scholars. Students do 4-6 semesters of coursework, mastering scholarly debates in two chosen fields, and learning a variety of research techniques. After passing comprehensive examinations, they devise and defend a plan for dissertation research in conjunction with three faculty members.

Doctoral students choose a major field of study and a minor field. We offer training in three major fields of political science: American Politics, International Relations, and Comparative Politics. In addition to these three, students may choose as a minor field Political Theory, Public Policy, or Quantitative Methods.

Rules and Requirements

Student Resources

The student resources pages provide valuable information for current graduate students in every phase of the program.  You can find information about comprehensive exams and forms and links pertaining to your course of study. We also include information on external research funding. 

Ph.D. Placement History

Our placement page lists the prestigious academic and post-doctoral research positions that our graduates have pursued in the past five years.