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Department Leadership

Ingrid Creppell

Ingrid Creppell

Director of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs

Yonatan Lupu

Yonatan Lupu

Director of Graduate Placement
Associate Professor of Political Science


Sarah Binder

Sarah Binder

Professional Advisor (Political Science)
Professor of Political Science

Robert Stoker

Robert Stoker

Professional Advisor (Public Policy)
Professor of Political Science

Susan Wiley

Susan Wiley

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor of Political Science

Mila Temnyalova, assistant advisor for political science

Mila Temnyalova

Assistant Advisor of Undergraduate Studies
Graduate Teaching Assistant



Undergraduate Advising


2021 Fall

Advising hours take place in walk-in or virtual Webex formats:

  • Mondays: 10am – 3pm (virtual)
  • Tuesdays: 12pm – 3pm (walk-in)
  • Wednesdays: 10am – 1pm (virtual)
  • Thursdays: 10am – 3pm (virtual)
  • Fridays: none

Note: no office hours are held during university holidays or breaks. 


If you are in the Columbian College of Arts & Sciences (CCAS) we have completed declaration forms. Please contact a political science department advisor during office hours to discuss the requirements. You will be sent a completed declaration form to sign and submit with CCAS.

If you are in another school, please complete your home school’s declaration form for a major in another school and send the completed form to a political science department advisor. The form should include all courses you have completed and intend to complete for the major or minor. We will return the signed form to you to send to your advisor in your home school.

Requirements to Register for PSC 2987

Students must meet all eligibility requirements to earn internship credit.

GW Internship and Part-time Job Safety Guidelines 2020-2021 (PDF)

  1. Declared a PSC major.
  2. Hold at least junior standing.
  3. Obtain a confirmed internship position involving substantive political science research and work.
  4. Complete a PSC Internship Contract (PDF).
  5. Download and fill out a Registration Transaction Form - RTF (PDF).
  6. Submit the Internship Contract and RTF via email to Professor Susan Wiley for signature.
  7. Deliver the signed registration transaction for processing to CCAS Undergraduate Advising.

Requirements to Receive Credit

  • Complete required hours. PSC 2987 is variable credit, semester-long course, and it is graded Pass/Fail.
    • For 1 credit, intern a minimum of 8 hours per week and write an 8-10 page paper.
    • For 2 credits, intern a minimum of 10 hours per week and write a 10-12 page paper.
    • For 3 credits, intern 12-15 hours per week and write a 12-15 page paper.
  • Communicate with Professor Susan Wiley by email at least once a month.
  • Complete final paper. Papers are due the last day of classes of the semester in which the student is interning.
  • Receive an evaluation. The internship supervisor must complete the Internship Supervisor Evaluation (PDF) for the student at the end of the semester and email or mail the evaluation to Professor Susan Wiley.
  • Complete a student internship survey at the end of the semester.

Study Abroad transfer credit: use the GW Course Approval Transfer System (CATS)

Non Study Abroad transfer credit: submit a course syllabus or course description with an Undergraduate Credit Transfer Approval Form (PDF) using the online submission form.

Faculty Directory

Celeste Arrington
South Korea, Japan, North Korea, state-society relations, law and society, media and politics, Northeast Asian security

Steven J. Balla
American Politics and Public Policy; Executive Branch Politics; Legislative Politics; Interest Group Politics; State Politics and Public Policy; Technology, Politics, and Public Policy; Quantitative Empirical Methods; Chinese Politics and Public Policy

Michael Barnett
Middle East; humanitarianism; international affairs; international organizations

Brandon Bartels
American politics, judicial politics, and political methodology

Nicole Bartels
American politics with a concentration on race, gender, ethnicity, and the legislative branch

Sarah A. Binder
Congress, American political development, political parties 

Alasdair Bowie
Comparative political economy, development, Southeast Asia

Michael E. Brown
International security, conflict and conflict resolution, U.S. foreign and defense policy 

Nathan J. Brown
Government and politics of the Middle East, democratization and constitutionalism, rule of law in the Arab world 

Ingrid Creppell
Identity, ideas of enmity and conflict, origins of toleration and liberalism, early modern and modern political thought

Adam Dean
International Trade, Labor Politics, American Political Development

Christopher J. Deering
American political system, Congress 

Qing Deng
Environmental Politics and Governance, Political Economy of Development

Bruce J. Dickson
Chinese domestic politics, East Asian politics, political change and democratization, general comparative politics, U.S.-China relations 

Alexander B. Downes
International security, civilian victimization and civilian casualties in war, foreign-imposed regime change

Harvey B. Feigenbaum
Political economy of Western Europe, political economy of France

Martha Finnemore
International organizations, organization theory, and ethics in international affair

Omar García-Ponce
Political economy of development; political violence; organized crime; political behavior; Latin American politics

Charles L. Glaser
The international system, state behavior, U.S. nuclear strategy and missile defense policy

Samuel Goldman
Political theory, religion and politics, political theology, and conservative political thought

Eric Grynaviski
International organization, social theories of international politics, international security, cold war, arms control, and international ethics

Henry E. Hale
Ethnic politics, federalism, democratization, political parties, politics of Eurasia (esp. Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia)

Michael Hankinson
American politics, political behavior, public opinion, state and local politics, public policy, inequality

Danny Hayes
American politics, political behavior, media and politics

Stephen B. Kaplan
Political economy of global markets and development, Latin American politics

Eric Kramon
Political economy of development and African politics; vote buying, clientelism, and violence during elections; political and institutional determinants of public goods provision, health, and welfare.

Eric D. Lawrence
Congress, public policy, methodology 

James H. Lebovic
International relations, national and international security, and methodology

Janet I. Lewis
Political violence; ethnic conflict; state formation; Africa

Yonatan Lupu
International law and institutions, international conflict, human rights, courts, networks

Marc Lynch
Arab media and public opinion, Islamist movements, constructivism in international relations, public diplomacy

Iris Malone
International security, terrorism, insurgency, civil war

Forrest Maltzman
Judicial politics, Congress, American national government 

Cynthia McClintock
Latin American politics, U.S. policy towards Latin America

Michael Miller
Democratization and the causes and consequences of autocratic elections, formal and quantitative methodology, and political economy.

Mike Mochizuki
Japanese politics and foreign policy, U.S.-Japan relations, East Asian security 

Kimberly J. Morgan
Comparative politics, European politics 

Harris Mylonas
Processes of nation- and state-building, the politicization of cultural differences, immigrant and refugee integration policies, and institutional change 

Lucia M. Rafanelli
Political theory; contemporary political theory; theories of human rights and global justice; collective agency and collective personhood

David Shambaugh
China's domestic politics; China's foreign relations; China's military and security; and international relations of Asia 

Michael J. Sodaro
Comparative and International Politics of Europe and Russia 

Robert P. Stoker
Public policy analysis, social policy 

David Szakonyi
Political economy; business-government relations; post-Soviet politics; corruption; authoritarianism; clientelism

Emmanuel J. Teitelbaum
Comparative politics, South Asian politics, political economy of development, political economy of labor 

Andrew I. Thompson
American politics, political psychology, public opinion, race and politics, experimental methods  

Paul J. Wahlbeck
Judicial politics, constitutional law, methodology

Julian Wamble
American Politics, race and politics, political psychology, political behavior, voting behavior, experimental
and survey methods

Christopher Warshaw
American politics, representation, public opinion, state and local politics, environmental politics and policy, and statistical methodology

Susan L. Wiley
American political behavior and domestic public policy

Sharon L. Wolchik
Central and East European politics and policy making, comparative politics of Central/Eastern Europe 

Doctoral Students

  • Christopher (Luke) Basham
    U.S. Senate, Legislative Norms, Political Parties, and Public Opinion

  • Alexander R. Beck
    Local and urban politics

  • Sara Bornstein
    Local politics, political psychology, survey research

  • Reagan Dye
    Political psychology, public opinion, bureaucratic decision-making

  • Daniel Epstein
    How congressional control of the bureaucracy is influenced by discretionary bureaucratic enforcement

  • Jared Heern
    American Political Institutions

  • Aaron Meek
    Judicial politics

  • Dickson Su
    Local Politics, Public Opinion, Political Decision-making and Behavior

  • Kerry Synan
    Judicial Politics, Political Institutions

  • Yat To Yeung
    Political representation, political behavior, Asian American politics

  • Dan Ziebarth
    Representation, Political Parties, Public Opinion, Local/Regional Governance

  • Sultan Alamer
    Nationalism, State-formation, Political Violence

  • Samer Anabtawi
    The Middle East; international political economy; the impact of various economic and development policies on the trajectories of nationalist movements

  • Mark Berlin
    Middle East politics, political violence, Islamist movements

  • Josiah Augustine
    Constitutional design, including specifically electoral formulas, district shape magnitude, strength of legislature and bicameralism, and minority recognition status

  • Joe Cerrone
    Migration; Nationalism; Ethnic Politics

  • Samuel Frantz
    Comparative political economy

  • Stas Gorelik
    Elections in authoritarian regimes, Russian and post-Soviet politics

  • Jangai Jap
    Ethnic politics

  • Adam Lenton
    Nationalism and Ethnicity, Political Integration, Former Soviet Union, EU, Political Theory

  • Elizabeth Meehan
    Transparency; Political Economy; Public Policy

  • Anum Seyed
    Political Economy, Labor, State-Society Relations

  • Rosalie Rubio
    Terrorism, counterterrorism, immigration

  • Caleb H. Schmotter
    Identity, ethnicity, and power

  • Emily Schraudenbach
    Public provisioning for excluded minorities in post-colonial democracies, interpretivism, and interviews.

  • Mila Temnyalova
    European integration and disintegration, construction of national identity and collective memory

  • Daniel Trombly
    Political violence, contentious politics

  • Julian Waller
    Parliamentary and party politics in authoritarianism

  • Raushan Zhandayeva
    Political economy, Development, Inequality, Identity

  • Marko Zilovic
    Party Politics, Political Regimes, Ethnic Politics