Department Leadership

Robert Stoker

Robert Stoker

Associate Chair
Professional Advisor (Public Policy)

Professor of Political Science


Ingrid Creppell

Ingrid Creppell

Director of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs

David Szakonyi

Director of Graduate Placement
Associate Professor of Political Science



Sarah Binder

Professional Advisor (Political Science)
Professor of Political Science

Kelly Bauer

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor of Political Science

Sean Givnish

Assistant Advisor of Undergraduate Studies
Graduate Teaching Assistant



Department Staff


Doctoral Students

Ph.D. Graduate Caucus Contact: Email [email protected]

American Politics

Jacob Ausubel
American Elections, Mis/Disinformation, Public Opinion, Religion and Politics

Christopher (Luke) Basham
Congress; Political Institutions; Elections and Voter Behavior

Sara Bornstein
Local politics, political psychology, survey research

Annika Davies
Political Institutions, Legislative Politics, Interest Groups

Jared Heern
American Political Institutions

Aaron Meek
Judicial Politics, Political Institutions, Legal Development

Kerry Synan
Judicial Politics, Political Institutions

Yat To Yeung
Asian American Politics, Political Representation, Political Behavior

Dan Ziebarth
Representation, Political Parties, Public Opinion, Local/Regional Governance

Comparative Politics

Mark Berlin
Middle East politics, political violence, Islamist movements

Josiah Augustine
Constitutional design, including specifically electoral formulas, district shape magnitude, strength of legislature and bicameralism, and minority recognition status

Joe Cerrone
Migration; Nationalism; Ethnic Politics

Samuel Frantz
Comparative political economy

Sean Givnish
LGBT politics, African politics, Social movements, NGOs

Stas Gorelik
Elections in authoritarian regimes, Russian and post-Soviet politics

Akbota Karibayeva
Authoritarianism, Identity, Elite Politics, Eurasia

Mayuko Maeda
Social movements, Disability Politics 

Elizabeth Meehan
Transparency; Political Economy; Public Policy

Bedirhan Mutlu
Religion and Politics, Democratization, Authoritarianism

Polina Protozanova
Authoritarianism, Identity Politics, Regime Transitions

Brayden Pun
Authoritarianism, Hong Kong Politics

Rosalie Rubio
 Authoritarian politics, Civil-military relations, Terrorism and counterterrorism

Caleb H. Schmotter
Identity, Ethnicity, Public Policy

Emily Schraudenbach
Public provisioning for excluded minorities in post-colonial democracies, interpretivism, and interviews.

Anum Syed
Ethnic and Identity Politics, Social Movements, South Asian Politics

Daniel Trombly
Political violence, contentious politics

Müge Uğuz
Migration, Nationalism, Ethnic Politics

Douglas Vantran
Chinese Politics, Foreign Investment

Raushan Zhandayeva
Political economy, Development, Inequality, Identity

Danning Zhang
Corruption, Political Economy, Authoritarianism

Marko Zilovic
Party Politics, Political Regimes, Ethnic Politics

International Relations

Akshita Aggarwal
Borders, illegal migration, Human trafficking, Human Rights, International Political Economy, Institutionalism

Eleanor Albert
Chinese foreign policy, global governance and international organizations, security in East Asia, U.S.-China relations

Greg Brownstein
International Political Economy 

Garrett Johnson
Global Governance, Politics of Development, Indigenous Politics

Elena Johnson Lafferty
Armed Conflict, Atrocity Prevention, Nuclear Non-Proliferation

Eunwoo Joo
National Security, Cyber Warfare, Propaganda, Technology

Alexander Kirss
International Political Economy, Security Studies, Geopolitical Risk

Tova Levin
Great Power Competition, Environment, Security, East Asia

Jittip Mongkolnchaiarunya
International security, cybersecurity, international norms

Giacomo H. Mattei
Migration and Security

Shahryar Pasandideh
Security; Military Technology; Security Dynamics in Asia

Alex Vandermaas-Peeler
Conflict, Gender, and Human Rights

Stephen Rangazas
International security, Violence during civil wars

Kerin Shilla
International Law, Human Rights, Compliance, Institutions

Sverrir Steinsson
International Security, Institutions, Digital Platforms

Hannah Elyse Sworn
International Political Economy, Regulation and Governance, Intellectual Property, US-China Relations

Mila Temnyalova
European integration and disintegration, construction of national identity and collective memory

Alexander L. Wright
International Security, Interstate War

Master's Students 

American Politics

Jamie Ford
U.S. Supreme Court, Judicial Politics, Institutional Legitimacy

Comparative Politics


International Relations

Karan Anavangot
Legal studies, international politics