Charles L. Glaser

Charles L. Glaser

Charles L. Glaser

Professor Emeritus of Political Science and International Affairs



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Charles L. Glaser is Professor of Political Science and International Affairs. His research focuses on international relations theory and international security policy. He is also Director for the Institute of Security and Conflict Studies.

Professor Glaser holds a Ph.D. from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He received a B.S. in Physics from MIT, and an M.A. in Physics and an M.P.P. from Harvard. Before joining the George Washington University, Professor Glaser was the Emmett Dedmon Professor of Public Policy and Deputy Dean at the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago. He has also taught political science at the University of Michigan, was a visiting fellow at the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford, served on the Joint Staff in the Pentagon, was a peace fellow at the United States Institute of Peace, and was a research associate at the Center of International Studies at MIT.

The international system; state behavior; U.S. nuclear strategy and missile defense policy.

PSC 2449 - International Security Politics

IAFF 6101 - International Affairs Cornerstone

Professor Glaser's forthcoming book, Theory of Rational International Politics, will be published by Princeton University Press in 2010. His research on international relations theory has focused on the security dilemma, defensive realism, the offense-defense balance, and arms races, including most recently "When are Arms Races Dangerous" in International Security (2004). His recent publications on U.S. nuclear weapons policy include "Counterforce Revisited" (with Steve Fetter), International Security (2005), and "National Missile Defense and the Future of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy" (with Fetter) in International Security (2001). Professor Glaser's work on American Cold War nuclear weapons policy culminated in his book, Analyzing Strategic Nuclear Policy (Princeton 1990).

Ph.D., Harvard University, 1983

M.P.P., Harvard University

M.A., Harvard University

B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology