Eric Grynaviski

Eric Grynaviski

Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs
Monroe 421
Phone: 202-994-1119
Fax: 202-994-1974
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

International organization, social theories of international politics, international security, cold war, arms control, and international ethics.

Professor Grynaviski's research interests include studying international security and U.S. foreign policy from sociological and ethical perspectives. Constructive Illusions: Rethinking the Origins of International Cooperation, which is forthcoming with Cornell University Press, studies the salutary effects of misperceptions on cooperation during the U.S.-Soviet détente, a portion of which appeared in Security Studies. In addition, he is working on projects related to the moral importance of public reason in international ethics, counterfactual theories of causation in foreign policy decision-making, and mechanisms of social integration in global society. Related work has appeared in International Theory, and is forthcoming in the European Journal of International Relations.


Ph.D., Ohio State University in 2010