Ingrid Creppell

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Ingrid Creppell

Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs



Office Phone: (202) 994-4106


By appointment.

Identity, theories of enmity and conflict, origins of toleration and liberalism, early modern and modern political thought.

Professor Creppell's teaching and research interests range from ancient to contemporary works in the history of political theory, and interdisciplinary studies of politics and ethics. She is currently working on enmity as a conceptual, normative, psychological and historical phenomenon.

PSC 2107 - Twentieth-Century Political Thought

PSC 3192 - Philosophies of Enmity

PSC 3500 - Identity Theory and Politics

PSC 3912W - Value Conflicts in Politics

PSC 8107 - Modern Political Thought and Ideologies


She is the author of Toleration and Identity: Foundations in Early Modern Thought (Routledge, 2003); co-editor of Morality, Governance and Social Institutions: Reflections on Russell Hardin (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018), and co-editor of Toleration on Trial (Lexington Books, 2008). Her articles have appeared in International TheoryPolitical TheoryRes Publica, Archives Europeenes de Sociologie, among others.

Ph.D., University of Chicago

M.A., University of Chicago

B.A., Princeton University