Joseph Cerrone


Areas of Expertise

Immigration; Public Opinion; Nationalism; Ethnic Politics; Political Communication


Major: Comparative Politics

Minor: International Relations 

Joseph Cerrone is a Ph.D. candidate at The George Washington University studying comparative politics and international relations. His dissertation research focuses on the role of emotions, especially anger, in catalyzing immigration salience. He is also working on projects related to far-right politics in Europe and electoral reform in the United States. His research incorporates a variety of methods, including survey experiments, quantitative and qualitative text analysis, comparative case studies, and process tracing. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Political Science from The George Washington University and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Spanish from Saint Joseph’s University.



B.A. International Relations and Spanish, Saint Joseph's University

M.A. Political Science, George Washington University



Cerrone, Joseph. Forthcoming. “Reconciling National and Supranational Identities: Civilizationism in European Far-Right Discourse.” Perspectives on Politics.” (Conditional Acceptance)

Cerrone, Joseph. 2022. “Unpacking Anger in Spanish Far-Right Discourse: An Analysis of Vox’s Tweets.” Illiberalism Studies Program.

Cerrone, Joseph. 2022. “Why the Spanish Far Right Wants to Re-Centralize the State.” Illiberalism Studies Program.

Cerrone, Joseph, and Cynthia McClintock. 2021. “Ranked-Choice Voting, Runoff, and Democracy: Insights from Maine and Other U.S. States.” New America.