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Robert Betz

Visiting Professor of Political Science



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Dr. Robert Betz is a Visiting Professor in the Department of Political Science at George Washington University (GW). He also is a Senior Scholar with the GW Institute of Public Policy.   He received his Masters Degree from Tulane University and his Doctorate from GWU.  His academic specialization is in health policy and political science.  His policy research interests are in Pharmaceutical pricing, Healthcare economics, Healthcare antitrust, Healthcare supply chain organizations, Healthcare Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), Healthcare technology assessment and adoption, Medicare, Medicaid, and Private health insurers. He teaches courses in: State and urban policy, State and urban politics, Intergenerational policy, Executive branch politics, Health Policy, and Politics of water.

State and urban government, U.S. executive branch, health policy, health care supply chain, and intergenerationalism.

PSC 2211 - State and Urban Politics

PSC 2212 - State and Urban Policy Problems

PSC 2217 - Executive Branch Politics

PSC 3192W - Proseminar: Intergenerational Policy

Ph.D. in Health Policy, The George Washington University, 2000

M.S.W., Tulane University, 1976

B.S., Lambuth College, 1975