Rosalie Rubio

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Rosalie Rubio


Major- Comparative Politics

Minor- Research Methods

Rosalie's scholarship examines authoritarian politics, civil-military relations, terrorism and counterterrorism, and the implications of security policy on governance in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). She conducts policy-relevant research on counter-terrorism policymaking and enforcement, as well as on the dynamics of civil-military and state-society relations. Her dissertation focuses on the influence and autonomy of coercive institutions in MENA with a special emphasis on the establishment and development of the Jordanian General Intelligence Directorate (GID). By exploring the sources of the GID's institutional autonomy, she highlights the political implications of their role as vital stakeholders and provides policy recommendations contextualized to Jordanian politics. Rosalie's research has been supported by the Foreign Language and Area Studies Scholarship (Jordan), the David L. Boren Fellowship (Jordan), the American Political Science Association Minority Fellows Program, and the George Washington Institute of Middle East Studies and has been published in Jadaliyya and is forthcoming at Arab Law Quarterly.


Authoritarianism, Middle East, Civil-military Relations.

B.A. University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill,
M.A. The George Washington University