Sarah Binder

Sarah A. Binder

Professor of Political Science
Monroe 467
Phone: 202-994-2167
[email protected]

Professor Binder's work focuses on the politics of legislative institutions, including their origins, development and impact on legislative policy outcomes. 

Current Research

Professor Binder's most recent work examines the ways in politics and economics intersect to shape the governance of and decision making by the Federal Reserve. 


Ph.D. 1995, University of Minnesota

B.A. 1986, Yale University



Professor Binder's most recent book is The Myth of Independence: How Congress Governs the Federal Reserve, co-authored with Mark Spindel (Princeton, 2017. Her previous books include Advice & Dissent: The Struggle to Shape the Federal Judiciary, co-authored with Forrest Maltzman (Brookings 2009), Stalemate: Causes and Consequences of Legislative Gridlock (Brookings, 2003), Minority Rights, Majority Rule: Partisanship and the Development of Congress (Cambridge, 1997) and Politics or Principle? Filibustering in the United States Senate, co-authored with Steven S. Smith (Brookings, 1997). Her work has also appeared in the American Political Science ReviewJournal of PoliticsLegislative Studies Quarterly, and elsewhere.

Office Hours

by appointment only

Classes Taught

PSC 2218W Legislative Politics

PSC 8210 American Political Process