Spring 2024 Internship Spotlight

During the spring 2024 semester, Political Science majors had an exciting range of internships. Below are a few spotlights of how their work contributed to their GWU experience and professional development. 

Emily Geller

Emily Geller, Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs with the Prisoners Rights team

"It was an eye-opening experience, as I had the opportunity to work directly with incarcerated individuals, hearing their stories and advocating on their behalf against unconstitutional practices at the hands of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the D.C. Department of Corrections. This internship provided me with invaluable insights into the complexities of our legal system, particularly concerning the rights of marginalized communities. It reinforced my commitment to pursuing a Political Science degree, as it highlighted the urgent need for systemic change and the role of policy in addressing social injustice. This internship solidified my aspiration to pursue a career in law, where I hope to continue advocating for justice and equality for all members of society."

Nick Perkins, The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter

"I've been a fan of The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter since I was in high school, so it was a dream come true to work there. I got to do intensive research work with the publication's team of electoral analysts, doing everything from aggregating polls to memorizing the various candidates running for California's 33rd congressional district. The experience helped me get my foot in the door of the campaign-nerd filled environments where I want to spend the rest of my career."

Andres Sada

Andres Sada, The Daschle Group

"My internship taught me the values of congressional hearings in the policy process and the complex nature of the appropriations process. Fundamentally, this internship showed me how external groups influence legislators to create laws in the best interest of Americans, whether it be from health care to foreign policy, I saw the value of interest groups to the policy-making process. This internship definitely altered how I viewed the government-lobbyist relationship and showed me that both are crucial and viable ways to effect the change that I want to see in society."

Deepthi Sathyanarayana

Deepthi Sathyanarayana, The Office of Raja Krishnamoorthi

"Working as a press intern at the Office of Raja Krishnamoorthi exposed me to the workings of Capitol Hill within the media. Learning the importance of communication teams acting as the bridge for the relationship between the representative and media through various forms of media was one of the key takeaways of my internship. Working on the Hill not only exposed me to media relations but it expanded my skill set in legislation, research and writing. This internship has only reaffirmed my goal to go into public policy and politics on the Hill.

Amartya Sharma

Amartya Sharma, House Appropriations Committee, Democrats

"Both enriching and impactful, this job has provided me with a skill-set necessary to contribute to our nation's fiscal policy. I feel so lucky to have had this window into the Congress' and the U.S. Government's foremost power -- its use of the federal budget -- and, it has solidified my intent to pursue budget and fiscal politics in a meaningful way moving forward. My deepest gratitude to Drs. Bauer, Wiley, and the entire GW Political Science Department leadership for their continued support of my year on the Hill!"

Connor Wasik

Connor Wasik, Department of Defense's (DoD) Defense Advisory Committee on the Investigation, Prosecution, and Defense of Sexual Assault in the Armed Forces (DAC-IPAD). 

"While at DAC-IPAD, I've worked on several important projects, most of which involve comparing the military courts to the civilian courts and evaluating their merits. Through the DAC-IPAD, I have learned a wealth of information about military law. From the Continental Army's Articles of War (1775) to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (1950) and beyond, military law has evolved to strike a balance between the military's interests in discipline, good order, justice, and due process. While at GW, I have taken classes related to this subject, such as Constitutional Law I; while that class covered Article III courts (federal courts), my internship involved Article I legislative courts (set up by Congress). In the future, my internship at the DAC-IPAD will prove useful as I pursue a career in law. My time at the DAC-IPAD has further motivated me to specialize in military and national security law."