Marko Zilovic

Major: Comparative Politics

Minor: Research Methods

I am a PhD student interested in authoritarian regimes and democratization, political violence, protests and social movements, and ethnic politics. Before coming to GW I earned my masters degree in Central and South-East European Studies from the University College London in the UK and my B.A. in political science (IR) from the University of Belgrade in Serbia. After my masters degree I worked for a few years at the University of Belgrade, and was also involved as a researcher in several projects conducted by various Serbian, British and American universities and think-tanks.

Curriculum Vitae 


B.A. University of Belgrade, Serbia
M.A. University College London, UK



“Kosovo Election Report: Why Who Participates is More Important than Who Wins,” The Monkey Cage, 1 November 2013.

Citizenship, Ethnicity and Territory: the Politics of Selecting by Origin in Post-Communist Southeast Europe,” CITSEE Working Paper Series, July 2012, pp. 1-36.

“Dissolution, War, Sanctions, and State-Building in the Post-Yugoslav Region,” Western Balkan Security Observer, Vol. 5, No. 21, 2011, pp. 89-102.