Mila Temnyalova

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Mila Temnyalova


Major — International Relations

Minor — Research Method

Mila Temnyalova is a Ph.D. student concentrating on theories of integration in regards to the European Union, as well as 21st-century challenges hinting towards the possibility of disintegration. She is interested in investigating whether mainstream theories of integration have the ability to account for aspects of disintegration. Given the complexity of the EU, she is particularly interested in developing a more comprehensive understanding of both processes and pursuing a more interdisciplinary approach that combines politics, economics, and identity. 

Her additional research focuses on the impact regime change can have on notions of collective memory through time and across space, as well as the tools that governments can use (e.g. monuments, language) to reinforce aspects of national identity (e.g. a national enemy). 

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European integration and disintegration, construction of national identity and collective memory

B.A. Economics & B.A. International Affairs, Lafayette College