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The department offers two minor programs: the Minor in Political Science and the Minor in Public Policy. Both flexible programs allow students to combine their passion for political and international issues with a major in another department. Potential classes include Freedom and Equality, Women and Politics, The Arab-Israeli Conflict and Politics in the Two Koreas.

Minors in Political Science or Public Policy are only available to students outside the Political Science major.



Minor in Political Science

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Students minoring in political science complete three courses in foundational political science material — Comparative Politics, International Relations and American Politics and Government — and choose a course from a selection of theoretical topics. They also choose four political science electives for a total of 18 credits.

Political Science Minor Course Requirements

This program is not available to political science majors.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits in selected courses.

One course (3 credits) selected from the following:
PSC 1001Introduction to Comparative Politics
or PSC 1001W Introduction to Comparative Politics
PSC 1002Introduction to American Politics and Government
or PSC 1002W Introduction to American Politics and Government
PSC 1003Introduction to International Politics
or PSC 1003W Introduction to International Politics
or IAFF 1005 Introduction to International Affairs
One course (3 credits) selected from the following:
PSC 2105Major Issues of Western Political Thought I
PSC 2106Major Issues of Western Political Thought II
or PSC 2106W Major Issues of Western Political Thought II
PSC 2107Twentieth-Century Political Thought
PSC 2110American Political Thought
PSC 2120WFreedom in American Thought and Popular Culture
or AMST 2120W Freedom in American Thought and Popular Culture
PSC 2991Special Topics in Political Thought
And four additional PSC courses (12 credits).


Minor in Public Policy


The 24-credit hour public policy minor delves into economics and U.S. government and policy in addition to core discipline material. Core courses include Comparative Politics, American Politics and Government, Economics and either Scope and Methods or Visualization and Modeling Politics. 

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Public Policy Minor Course Requirements 

With Capitol Hill and the White House as neighbors, GW is the ideal place to study political science. Inside the classroom, students learn from a faculty of leading experts in policy issues, political behavior, and current events. Outside the classroom, there are ample opportunities to intern on the Hill, on political campaigns, or at government agencies. Students interested in public policy may wish to add this focus to their major. By examining politics in-depth on both a national and international scale, program graduates are well prepared to enter a variety of careers in research, public affairs, public policy, and political campaigns. A number of graduates also decide to continue their education through graduate work or law school.

This program is not available to political science majors.

Visit the program website for additional information.