Andrew Ifedapo Thompson

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Andrew Ifedapo Thompson

Assistant Professor of Political Science



Office Phone: (202) 994-1559


American politics, political psychology, public opinion, race and politics, experimental methods

Dr. Thompson’s research examines how threat and anxiety shift attitudes about American democracy. Specifically, he explores how racial demographic changes motivate stronger support for anti-democratic practices among the American public. He shows that partisan considerations are central to understanding how Americans process information about the changing U.S. demographic landscape, and how supportive they are of anti-democratic policies. Ultimately, Dr. Thompson shows that as the country diversifies, democratic considerations and overall support for American democracy are bound to shift dramatically among the mass public.

PSC 1002 - Introduction to American Politics and Government

PSC 3500 - Politics of Racial Demographics

Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2020

B.A., Marquette University, 2015